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Hey, y'all, I'm a software engineer, and in my spare time, I love to share some of the things I've learned on my Youtube channel and blog.
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Inject NestJS Service from Another Module

In NestJS, services are an essential part of the application, and they can be injected and used across different modules. To inject a NestJS service f...

Auto-Sizing TextViews

This feature is particularly useful when dealing with variable text lengths and screen sizes. Step 1: Set Up Your Project Create a new Android project...
Auto-Sizing TextViews

Writing to Files in Node.js

Writing to files in Node.js is a common task when working on server-side applications or handling data storage. Node.js provides built-in modules that...
Writing to Files in Node.js

Simplifying Logic with Enums and Switch/Case

Enums are a powerful feature in Swift that allow you to define a group of related values. When combined with switch/case statements, enums can lead to...
Simplifying Logic with Enums and Switch/Case

Foreach Loop in Go

Go does not have a traditional foreach loop like some other programming languages. Instead, it uses a range-based iteration method to loop over elemen...

Checking for the Type of Variable

In Elixir, you can determine the type of a variable using various functions and operators. Checking the type of a variable can be useful for condition...

Getting PHP Errors to Display

To debug and troubleshoot PHP code effectively, it's essential to display PHP errors. By default, PHP may suppress error messages from being shown on...

How to Restore a Dump File from mysqldump

To restore a dump file created with mysqldump and populate a MySQL database, follow these steps: Prepare the Dump File Ensure you have the dump file y...