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A coder with experience in building multiple stuff - from websites to mobile apps to servers and everything in between.
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Iterating Through a HashMap

In Java, iterating through a HashMap allows you to access and process each key-value pair present in the map. Iterating is a common operation when wor...
Iterating Through a HashMap

Troubleshooting Deep Link Issues in Android 12

In this tutorial, we'll explore a common issue in Android 12 where deep links fail to open properly in your app. Step 1: Check AndroidManifest.xml Ens...
Troubleshooting Deep Link Issues in Android 12

Adding New Keys to a Dictionary

In Python, you can add new keys to a dictionary by simply assigning a value to the desired key. #1. Adding a Single Key-Value Pair To add a single key...
Adding New Keys to a Dictionary

Difference between "let" and "var"

In JavaScript, both "let" and "var" are used for variable declaration, but they have some important differences in terms of scope...
Difference between

Encrypting HTTPS Headers

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a secure version of HTTP that encrypts data to protect it from eavesdropping and tampering. Understandin...

How PHP foreach Actually Works

In PHP, the 'foreach' loop provides a convenient way to iterate over arrays and objects. The Basics of foreach Loop What is foreach? The 'foreach' loo...
How PHP foreach Actually Works The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to open-source projects, documentation is key. And at the heart of this documentation is the file. In this comprehensive guide...