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UX Research Lead and former Product Manager. Loves to write, but needs more ideas. Loves to read, but can’t finish all the books. Complains about the UX of everyday things.
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Calling the Base Constructor

In C#, when you create a derived class (also known as a subclass), it can inherit members from its base class (also known as a superclass). The Need f...
Calling the Base Constructor

Converting a String to Lower or Upper Case

In Ruby, you can easily convert a string to either lower case or upper case using built-in methods. Converting to Lower Case with downcase What is dow...

Changing the Output Color of Echo

In Linux, you can add some color to the output of the echo command to make it more visually appealing. By using special escape sequences, you can cust...
Changing the Output Color of Echo

Docker Daemon Is Not Running

If you encounter issues with Docker, one common problem is when the Docker daemon is not running. The Docker daemon is a background service responsibl...

Renaming a Local Git Branch

If you want to give your local Git branch a new name, you can easily do so using the following steps: Check Your Current Branch Before renaming the br...

Difference Between Decimal, Float, and Double

In .NET, decimal, float, and double are three different data types used to represent floating-point numbers. Each of these types has specific characte...

Understanding the Uses for Struct Tags

Struct tags are essential for many packages and are extensively used in libraries like encoding/json and database/sql. Struct tags are specified using...
Understanding the Uses for Struct Tags