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Checking if a Value Exists in an Array

Checking if a Value Exists in an Array

In Ruby, you can easily check if a value exists in an array using built-in methods and operators.

Using the include? Method

What is the include? Method?

The include? method is a convenient way to check if a specific value exists in an array. It returns true if the value is found and false otherwise.

Syntax of include?

The syntax for using the include? method is as follows:


Here, array is the array you want to search, and value is the value you want to check for.


fruits = ['apple', 'banana', 'orange', 'grape']

puts fruits.include?('banana')   # Output: true
puts fruits.include?('kiwi')     # Output: false

In this example, we have an array fruits containing several fruit names. We use the include? method to check if 'banana' and 'kiwi' exist in the array. The method returns true for 'banana' and false for 'kiwi'.

Using the include? Method with if Statement

You can combine the include? method with an if statement to perform conditional checks based on the existence of a value in the array.


fruits = ['apple', 'banana', 'orange', 'grape']
favorite_fruit = 'kiwi'

if fruits.include?(favorite_fruit)
  puts "I love #{favorite_fruit}s!"
  puts "I'm not a fan of #{favorite_fruit}s."

In this example, we have a variable favorite_fruit set to 'kiwi'. We use the include? method to check if 'kiwi' exists in the fruits array. Based on the result, the program will print either "I love kiwis!" or "I'm not a fan of kiwis."

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