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Docker Container Has No Internet

If your Docker container has no internet access, it can be frustrating and hinder your ability to install packages or communicate with external services.

Checking Docker Network Configuration

The first step is to check the network configuration of your Docker container. Docker containers can be connected to different network types, such as bridge, host, or custom networks.

To list the Docker networks, run the following command:

docker network ls

Then, inspect your container to see which network it is connected to:

docker inspect <container_name_or_id>

Ensuring Host Network Connectivity

If your container is using the host network, it should have the same internet access as the host machine. If the host machine has internet connectivity issues, the container will also be affected.

Resolving DNS Issues

Sometimes, the Docker container may have DNS resolution problems, preventing it from accessing the internet. To resolve DNS issues, you can try updating the container's DNS settings.

docker run --dns= <image_name>

Replace <image_name> with the name of your Docker image. The --dns option sets the DNS server to use for the container. You can use Google's public DNS server ( or another reliable DNS server.

Checking Docker Proxy Settings

If you are behind a proxy server, Docker may need to be configured to use the proxy settings. You can set the proxy environment variables when starting the Docker container:

docker run -e HTTP_PROXY=http://your_proxy:port -e HTTPS_PROXY=http://your_proxy:port <image_name>

Replace http://your_proxy:port with the appropriate proxy server and port details. This will enable the container to access the internet through the specified proxy.

Checking Firewall Settings

Ensure that there are no firewall rules blocking internet access for your Docker containers. Check the firewall settings on the host machine to make sure Docker containers have the necessary network access.

Restarting Docker Service

Sometimes, restarting the Docker service can resolve networking issues. On Linux, you can restart Docker with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart docker

On Windows, restart the Docker Desktop application, and on macOS, restart Docker from the menu.

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