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Renaming a MySQL Database (Changing Schema Name)

Renaming a MySQL Database (Changing Schema Name)

If you need to rename a MySQL database, also known as changing the schema name, you can do so using a series of SQL commands.


Before proceeding with the database renaming process, ensure that:

  • You have administrative privileges or sufficient permissions to modify the database schema.
  • There are no active connections to the database you want to rename.


Follow these steps to rename a MySQL database:

# Step 1: Backup Your Database

Before making any changes, it is crucial to back up your MySQL database to prevent data loss in case anything goes wrong during the renaming process. Use the mysqldump command or any other database backup method you prefer.

# Step 2: Connect to MySQL Server

Connect to the MySQL server using your preferred MySQL client or command-line tool. You will need to provide valid credentials with sufficient privileges to execute the necessary commands.

# Step 3: Check Existing Databases

List all existing databases to verify the current schema name and ensure you are connected to the correct database.


# Step 4: Rename the Database

Now, you can rename the MySQL database using the ALTER DATABASE statement. Replace old_database_name with the current name of the database, and new_database_name with the desired new name.

ALTER DATABASE old_database_name RENAME TO new_database_name;

# Step 5: Verify the Renaming

Check the list of databases again to verify that the database has been renamed successfully.


You should see the new name of the database in the list.

# Step 6: Update Applications (If Necessary)

If your MySQL database is used by applications, make sure to update their configuration files or connection strings to reflect the new database name.

# Step 7: Confirm Functionality

Test your applications thoroughly to ensure that everything is functioning correctly with the renamed database.

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